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Waste Water Package

Implementation and operation of sewage networks of cities and industries

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Sustainable cycle to the last drop

Due to the limited drinking water resources in the world and the need to replace non-conventional sources instead of underground sources, unused water can be returned to its natural cycle.

Mechanical connection sewerage package has taken a big step towards the development of water and sewage industry by minimizing the energy consumption during the operation period and also optimally using the waste of the device in the agricultural basin.

Perfect compatibility with your project

Wastewater treatment stations are one of the stages of returning water to the consumption cycle. The water making packages of ettesal mechanic Company are designed and produced based on your needs. This type of package has the ability to purify all types of basic water fluids, including: domestic, industrial sewage, sea water, etc. Water treatment packages have the ability to treat wastewater in the range of flow rates up to 500 liters per second. This product, in addition to saving renewable energy, has no pollution and high efficiency with a wide range of valuable output wastes for agricultural purposes. ..has

And due to SPMS intelligent software, it establishes a reliable connection between the package and other automation systems in use.


Full compatibility with real issues

In the process of water purification, a high percentage of the used water can be returned to the consumption cycle, which causes a significant reduction in water supply costs.

Another fact about this global resource is that clean, safe drinking water is rare and millions of people around the world spend their days searching for it. However, people who have access to clean drinking water do not use it wisely

As a reliable partner, we provide suitable solutions in water pumping projects that help to stabilize and reduce construction costs and the lifetime of your pumping station. In addition, we help you keep your water pumping process in an energy-efficient, productive and consistent manner. Our wide range of products and solutions provide optimal water flow around the clock. This means less energy consumption, improved productivity, flexibility and ease of use. The expert and experienced team of ettesal mechanic with you in all stages of design, construction, operation and support.