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Crisis management at the moment of incidents

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Your shoulder to shoulder, in crises

Crisis is an inevitable fact in our life. The purpose of crisis management is to reduce the process, control and resolve the crisis. Therefore, what is given special sensitivity and importance in this situation is the management of crisis situations and strategic management in times of crisis. be

Perfect compatibility with your project

Changes in weather conditions and torrential rains cause flooding of urban and rural roads, crisis management in the absence of specialized equipment and time constraints requires a practical and quick solution, which the crisis relief package of ettesal mechanic Company solves this problem. The package has the ability to collect water from 30 areas with a radius of 1 km. In addition to being mobile, this product is compatible with a wide range of usage methods, such as de-layering tanks, ponds and canals, as well as supplying water needed for firefighting. And because of the electric power generating system (generator), it does not need to be connected to the power supply network.

Full compatibility with real issues

As a reliable partner, we provide appropriate solutions in water crisis situations that help to stabilize, reduce construction costs and accelerate crisis relief operations. It is a time of crisis. This means mobile displacement, no need to build buildings and structures, has internal generating power and optimal energy consumption. The expert and experienced team of ettesal mechanic is with you in all stages of design, construction, operation and support.