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Water savior, supporter of farmers

Agricultural irrigation facilities need solutions to prevent water wastage, which preserves underground water sources.

Garden packages are a part of the product portfolio of Estas Mechanic Company.

This product has been designed as a reliable and optimal alternative for the implementation of traditional methods of irrigation in a common way.

Among the key features of this product, we can mention the integrated and comprehensive design, minimum space occupation and prevention of water wastage and optimal use of underground water reserves.

A solution compatible with the general plans of the garden package

Perfect compatibility with your project

More than 80% of water resources in the agricultural sector are wasted due to the lack of use of advanced technologies and traditional methods of irrigation in this sector. The garden packages of ettesal mechanic Company have the ability to pump water in the flow range of 10 to 500 liters per second up to a height of 80 meters.

This product is compatible with a wide range of irrigation methods under agricultural pressure (drip, rain, tip, etc.) On the other hand, it establishes a reliable connection between the package and other automation systems in use.

Full compatibility with real issues

As a reliable partner, we offer the right solutions to prevent water wastage, which helps stabilize and reduce your construction costs and time. In addition, we help you improve your irrigation process in an efficient manner with minimal energy loss and optimal use of natural resources.

Due to the type of design and the transfer of the overall and partial status of the package to the control center, it reduces maintenance costs during the lifetime of the device. The expert and experienced team of ettesal mechanic joins you in all stages of design, construction, operation and support. be