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Ettesal Mechanic Company started working as the inventor of pumping station packages in 1994. This group has started working in the water and sewage industry with the aim of developing and updating the water and sewage networks in Tabriz. Knowledge base Ettesal Mechanic company has been able to establish a new approach in this industry by making smart pumping station packages.

CEO's speech

Throughout history, human societies have always followed technology. Because these are the innovations and inventions that define societies' life paths. An industry that cannot be the leader of society is doomed sooner or later. Unfortunately, the water industry, in spite of its prominent role, has continued on its way simply because of the nature of water and has not seen any progress in the past 70 years in line with today's manifold needs. Now the time has come for a fundamental transformation in the water industry so that by using the experience of men who have seen water, we can put the technology of other industries in line with the water industry in the direction of progress.


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Company History

Mr. Ali Foroughi's career as an entrepreneur began in 1993 with the administration of a workshop for maintaining and repairing various industrial electro-pumps. His experience of working with several water pumping experts gave him the inspiration to take part in water transfer operations. The Ettesal Mechanic Company was established in 2003 as an executor of water supply, transmission, and distribution projects. He progressively developed ideas to advance the technological level of the water and wastewater industry sector by patenting a product named "Pumping Station Package," combining innovation and years of expertise.

 In 2008, Ettesal Mechanic was introduced as a national innovator in the water and wastewater industry. With the deployment of the first version of the pumping station package by Ettesal mechanics in 2013, the dream of expansion and innovation in the water and wastewater industry more than ever took on the color and fragrance of reality.

 Our company was certified as a knowledge-based company by the Vice-Presidency of Science and Technology in 2018 as a result of the performance of several successful projects. With three decades of experience in the water and wastewater industry, Ettesal Mechanics has been able to complete its product portfolio and provide a wide range of services to meet the demands of different industries.

Our Purpose

"Why" is our purpose in business. We create value for our customers with our new products, along with guaranteeing a successful and sustainable future. Include our purpose as part of your story.

Our values are part of your story

Our values are the cornerstones of Ettesal Mechanic company's culture. These values shape our activity, guide our behavior and interaction with customers, colleagues and society. We have learned the correct way of doing business based on our four values:


- Take action and manage the results

- Talk and ask for help

- Take calculated risks to achieve success


- Respect and value differences

- Do the right thing and act united

- Take care of our customers, people and environment


- Believe that there is a better way

- Let's move forward with technology and innovation

- Learn from failures and successes


- Believe in the power of teamwork

- Always be shoulder to shoulder with our customers

- Count on each other's strengths and victories.

The experience of being present during the various phases of the water and sewage industry has made the mechanical connection a mature group that will be able to provide various services to customers.

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