Industrial Package

“Pumping Station package” has been a substitution for common pumping stations and has been approved in the patent office of Iran through the Certificate No. 54129 dated 2008.10.28 and it has been approved after the executive and technical reviews in different scientific and professional centers that are related to the water industry.

  • National Elite Foundation
  • School of Mechanical Engineering of the National University of Tabriz (Dr . Ehghaghi)
  • Office of engineering and technical standards of water and the energy ministry
  • Research committee of the national sanitation company
  • Technical office of the Eastern Azerbaijan regional water company


  • water supply of metropolises
  • Interurban water networks
  • Irrigation and pressurized irrigation networks
  • removal of lake dams (afloat)
  • supply the water pressure of residential towers
  • supply of required water for critical situations

Advantages and capabilities

  • Significant reduction of implementation costs of pumping station
  • Significant reduction in the time spent in manufacturing processes
  • significant reduction in power consumption up to 50 %
  • to vanish off the water
  • Reducing the cost in the phase of utilization and implementation by more than 70%
  • Observing the principles of passive defense
  • underground installation possibility and as a result no need to location spot
  • smart pressure supply required for the water supply networks based on the consumers demand
  • Remote control possibility
  • transferring water to the height of 400 meters with a volume of 3 cubic meters per second and 800 meters with a volume of 200 liters per second
  • By only one device (for water supply of the metropolises)
  • Removal of ponds and balancing reservoirs in the suction sections of multi-stage pumping
  • concentrated control of pumping stations of the city, province and finally the country from one center
  • resistant to Severe earthquakes