Ettesal Mechanic Company


Ettesal Mechanic Company

Ettesal Mechanic Co. (Pvt.) was recorded on 2003/10/21 at the Company Registration Office of Tabriz with 14815 registration number. The company started its activities since 2005 in the areas of consulting, design and implementation of all irrigation and drainage, urban irrigation, buildings and facilities.

The company's purpose is overcoming the crisis of drought and solving the problems related to the water basin by taking advantage of modern technology and scientific potential of our country Iran.

The exclusive inventor and manufacturer of water pumping stations package

Pumping stations package were the replacement of common pumping stations that have been registered in office of patents on 28/10/2008 over 54129 patent number. And it have been technically and administratively investigated in scientific and technical centers that related to the water industry and also has received the certification of these centers.

  • Commercialization of National Elites Foundation Certificate
  • Confirmation of Master of Mechanical Faculty of National University of Tabriz (doctor Ehgagi)
  • Engineering and technical criteria of water and Wastewater of the Ministry of Power
  • Research Committee of Water and Wastewater Engineering Company
  • Technical Office of East Azerbaijan Regional Water Company